Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monday Movie Review

For the first time EVER I went to the movies on Christmas - with my family and Mother In Law, Shirley. Being there was marvelous! We saw Marley & Me and... it was pretty good although disjointed at times. I guess I thought it would be a movie about a Dog and his overwhelmed Family instead it seemed to be about a Family that happened to have a really naughty dog. I definitely didn't think it was ideal for some young children. 2 3/4 stars.

Just two "Regal Theater Point Days" later George and I went on a date to see Yes Man. Look, other than In Living Color and Truman, I'm simply not a Jim Carrey - how many ways can you twist your face - fan. However, this was laugh out loud funny. My only challenge was getting past the fact that his love interest was about 1/2 his age... Also, there was one scene that I found objectionable (obviously do not take the kids), but George seemed to really like it... hmmm... other than that.... 3 BIG stars... so I recommend that you turn off your reality gauge and say "SURE" to YES Man!

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