Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 - My Personal To Do List

I'm sure there's a Good Housekeeping magazine somewhere that promotes going public with ones "to do" list. Probably helps in honoring the committment. I saw the idea from friend and blogger "Mousetower." Hers was very ambitious (but she'll probably have it completed by the end of tax season) and hers also involved a great deal of sewing related activities....

1) Perpetually Craig's List everything that is not being used or enjoyed (that means I keep the kids). If it's not a sellable items throw it in the van and head for the Rescue Mission.

2) Find a way to have our July 2000 wedding video edited. I'm sure the guy doesn't work from VHS anymore, I should probably call. (The editing is paid for, but I've been busy - look for this In my 2010 list as well).

3) Clean out closets at least three times per year.

4) Organize barn (that's where all of the storage is).

5) Apply for Section 8a (disadvantaged business status) - this is a January priority.

6) Apply for Maryland (women owned) - MBE/WBE status - 1st quarter priority.

7) Decorate computer lab

8) Clean or replace basement carpet

9) Book one full week of camping vacation

10) Have all scrapbooking within one year of being current

I guess I should include health & fitness goals..

11) Eat at least one fruit & one vegetable & drink one water bottle per day

Shoot! I forgot spiritual issues... I'm a mess! goals? spiritual goals.... George suggests, "Obey Your Husband."... I'll get back to you....

There... that's a good start! What's on YOUR "To Do" List?


  1. By the end of tax season! Hah I have to find the sewing machine first.
    As my grandmother told me when I got married, "Always mind your husband," She didn't know I heard her say under her breath, "or try not to mind him too much."


  2. Those are some pretty lofty goals! Good luck! My goals? To sit down and figured out what is a GOAL and what is a PRIORITY! Hmmm...are they the same? :)