Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Unscheduled New Year!

While I try to give the kids lots of exposure to activities (t-ball; dance; camps; gymnastics; scouts et al) I think it's so important to schedule nothing... Some folks call them "Pajamas Days!" That really works for me - I also think it does a lot for family team building. How can they be close if they're only together on the run? A friend once told me that they tell their four children, "You're a Partenza - and that means something!" I LOVE that! Can you imagine if every family was it's own team? So we are the Schooley's! No uniforms yet, but we can work on that.

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  1. Jenny . . . I love your sense of family and your sense of humor! This blog was a tall drink of lemonade for me . . . cause you sure do turn the lemons of mothering multiples into a sweet surrender! I'll stop by again. Happy New Year.